Schedule Pins on Pinterest using SocialPilot

Schedule Pins on Pinterest

SocialPilot now lets you schedule Pins for Pinterest along with your other posts. And really good news is that even if you are on starter plan, you are allowed to schedule pins as per your plan limit.

How can I start?

It’s very simple. Just like other social media platform which we support, you need to connect your Pinterest account with SocialPilot. To do so,

1) Login to your SocialPilot account
2) Click on “Connect Account” link from sidebar.
3) Click on “Connect a Board” under Pinterest icon. It will take you to Pinterest website to authenticate your account access to our SocialPilot app.
4) Once you finished authorization, We will list all your boards on our panel.
5) Select Pinterest board in which you want to schedule and share Pins.
6) We consider each Pinterest board as a separate social media accounts just like Facebook and LinkedIn groups connected with us.

How can I schedule Pins?

Now you are ready to start creating the schedule for your Pinterest Board.

1) Click on “Create Post” menu from the sidebar and start writing your post on given box.
2) To upload images, click on camera icon and select image from your computer
3) Click on Add to Queue or Schedule button to start creating your Scheduled Pins

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