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The First Post Title: Catchy, I know!

As I begin this journey, I want to keep a public diary.

The word ‘diary’ might not be the best word to use.  Perhaps I should call it a journal.  There are so many aspects of this site that I know, going into this, that people struggle with that it’s not even a bit helpful to keep things to myself!

……and that’s the point!

That’s the point of this diary. That’s the point of this journal. Most importantly: THE PUBLIC is THE REASON for this site’s existence in the first place.

See I like other people ~ a lot! More than I like to open up a code editor, more than I love speaking, and more than I love seeing sales, I really LOVE PEOPLE!

I love seeing the light bulb come on when someone is empowered with knowledge.  I love watching sales increase and change a business or family’s life.  I love hearing the words “Thanks Brad” in the WooCommerce Facebook Group. I love contributing code when I know, see, and watch the people that are affected by that particular code be blessed. I love the people who have a drive and desire to be better!

So, what’s the point?

Well, there’s tons of work for me to do!

Let me fully explain and write that up in this next post.  The WHY behind the WHAT is all about Y-O-U!